Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I went to my favorite store, White Home Collections today. I just get all warm and fuzzy every time I walk through the door and yet I hate myself every time I go there because I find so many things I want to take home. I was looking for night tables and a new dresser for my bedroom. I've very excited that I found tables and I saw a few dressers that I like but I don't think were quite big enough and of course found a few things that weren't on my list.

My new nightstand, exact finish as my bed. ($39)

I'm going to put this cute vase on my new nightstand. ($14)

I've been wanting a locker basket for awhile so of course had to buy this one when I saw it. ($16)

Hubby's nightstand is still at the store. I also saw a vintage kitchen scale that I think I'm going to have to get when I go back.

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