Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crafty Wednesdays

Let's see how long I can keep this up...

My husband was deployed to Iraq this past year and we had a big Welcome Home party for him this summer. This is what I made for the centerpieces.

The star was an unfinished box from AC Moore. I painted it red and covered the front and back with scrapbook paper. I did the same thing to a small wooden star that I glued to the front of the box, then I tied a ribbon around the whole thing. I stamped "HOME" on a piece of white paper, put two eyelets in it, inked the edges and glued that on the front. I also inked the edges of the box. The picture sticks are just a dowel cut up into different sizes and I glued on an Aligator clip (I found them at Walmart in the electrical supplies) then spray painted them black. I stuck the sticks into a piece of floral foam then filled it in with shredded paper (the gift basket filler stuff).

These were the favors. I filled them with red, white and blue M & M's.

They're called Sour Cream Containers. Here is a better tutorial than I can do. I used a 4 x6 piece of paper instead. I saw one on another site that used a 4x6 photo to make them.

You could also use these ideas for a 4th of July party or a red, white, and blue themed birthday party.