Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Opinions Please?

I went looking for lamps for my bedroom for the nightstands, I was thinking white ones because the nightstands and the rest of the furniture is black but I fell in love with these black ones.

I took them home and I've been using them for a couple weeks then I found these white ones that I love.

But which ones should I use for the bedroom? If I go with the white ones I'll probably still keep the black ones and use them in the living room or something. I know not many people read this blog but I would like as many opinions as I can get...please??


  1. Hi Michelle~
    Just came over from Nester's party, a little behind in reading all of the links. You have great posts here! I love the lamps and all of the deals your got at your favorite store. As far as your lamp selection, they are both fabulous, but if your nightstands are black your lamps should be lighter. Height counts too, the black lamps looks smaller, but not sure from the picture. I say they are both so pretty, go with the tallest lamps and, if you like the black one better, just spray paint the base creamy white, and then you can use it on the black tables. Spray paint fixes EVERYTHING!
    Come by and visit sometime...

  2. I think they are both darling - and at least with keeping both sets you can switch them out when you need a change. You could always use some white vintage linen under the black ones on black tables if you are thinking it is too much black. I am enjoying your blog too. :)