Monday, March 23, 2009

The Great Chair Debate

Anyone want to weigh in?? I got new dining room chairs with our wonderful tax refund. The idea was to have the slipcovered upholstered look for the end chairs and Napoleon chairs for the side chairs. I found slipcovers that I loved and found these end chairs at Pier 1 to put the slipcovers on.



Well, I brought them home and hubby hates the slipcovers and refused to let them in the house. He loves the chairs though. Of course I wasn’t happy that my vision wasn’t coming to life so I set off to find some other chairs. Store after store I was coming up empty handed until I walked into TJ Maxx to return a couple things and saw two of these chairs in the window on clearance.



I loaded them in the car and set them up at the table. Hubby doesn’t like them. He says they’re too big and too comfortable?!? He wants to keep the leather parsons chairs from Pier 1 with no slipcovers. What’s a girl to do? I’m really disappointed that the idea in my head is being crushed. I’m trying my hardest to convince him they need to stay! He just keeps complaining that he’s let me make all the other decorating decisions and he’s the one that sits in the chair. Someone please tell me that the chairs I love are ugly and don’t look good at the table so it won’t be so hard if I have to return them.

P.S. The table is going to be refinished black this spring/summer.


  1. I debated about writing a post but here goes.

    I agree with hubby. Wait, but I have a suggestion. What if you used the chairs hubby likes for everyday. Keep the slipcovers also and use them for specail events. That way you both have what you like, just not all the time.
    Just remember, we never,ever, ever shoot the messenger, ha ha.

  2. I LOVE the chairs that you chose! I don't like the leather ones. They look a bit too 'modern' for my taste. Especially with the Nepoleon chairs.

    Good luck!

  3. I love the TJ Maxx chairs and the fact that they were on sale is an added bonus. Maybe you could put the two chairs you love off to the side in the dining room and use when you have extra company. Then you could just get some plain slip covers that go with the other fabric to put on the Pier One chairs. Not sure that that helps, but maybe it will. Hang in there... it will all work out :)

  4. OK, here's what I would do. Your husband seems to feel strongly about this if this is the first big decorating idea of yours he's stood his ground on. So I suggest you find something that works for BOTH of you unless you can get used to the chairs he likes. You really want your husband to like being there too, and he makes a good point-he is the one sitting in the chair. However, it is likely there is some kind of look that both of you will like even more than either of your ideas. Maybe you can go through some catalogues and find something that makes you both happy. There's no need for one of you to suffer.