Thursday, March 19, 2009

Adventures With Spray Paint

Why did it take me this long to discover spray paint? All the wonderful blog ladies out there have given a new meaning to the word. They have done things I've never even thought of. I've finally realized just to look at the shape of something and not the color. Spray paint fixes everything!


I picked this ugly rooster and bunny up at Family Dollar. The bunny was $1 and the rooster was $2.


A coat of glossy white spray paint and they’re beautiful!



I got these four birdies at Dollar Tree.



Just some pink and white paint and they are good to go.


This shelf didn’t match anything in the room.


Much better!


I really liked this lamp but it didn’t look right on a black table.


So I gave it a coat of glossy white spray paint!

Now go grab some spray paint and transform some ugly things into pretties.


  1. It is wonderful how a can of spray paint can transform your!

  2. Great transformations! I LOVE the pink birdie. Hmmm...I had no idea they made another spray paint color other than black and Heirloom White! :O)

  3. Everything looks great. Amazing simple with amazing results.

  4. I tell ya, I found your blog recently and can I say WOW? You totally make me think outside of the box and I love it!

    Your blog rocks!~G

  5. I have the same birds from the dollar store, but I'm having trouble getting my spray paint to stick right. Do you have any tips? Did it take 100 coats?

  6. Becky, I think I did about 4 coats. I probably would have used primer if I had it.

  7. These all turned out great! I am loving the little birds!

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