Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sand Castle Cake

I meant to post this awhile ago but better late than never right…

I recently helped throw a shower for a friend that’s getting married at the end of this month. The shower was beach themed and I was in charge of the cake. I was almost ready to buy a cake when I found this site. Lots of cake ideas!

This is the one I decided to copy. I thought I would be really cute for a beach themed shower.

Towering Sand Castle Cake

Here is my version…




I know theirs looks a lot better but I don’t think mine came out too bad. Especially for a last minute decision. I couldn’t find the graham sticks to go around the edges and I had to make it bigger to feed 50 people. Here’s what I did…

I cooked all the cake the night before (3 cake mixes of your choice)

The bottom layer is a regular 9x13 cake.

The next layer is two 8“ rounds one isn’t quite as thick (see below).

For the next two layers I cooked a 9x13 and put a bowl on top and cut around it to get a smaller circle and the top I cut around a wide mouthed glass.

The cone towers I used a little of the cake mix from one of 8” rounds to make cupcakes out of them. (They bake 20 min) frosted them and stuck the other cone on top.

I wrapped my cutting board with foil as the cake base and started the layering the next morning. Frost between each layer to stick them together then frost the outside with white frosting (3 cans total). I bought the graham crackers already crushed up..much easier that way and they were really fine it didn’t use quite 1 box of them. Then stick your cones where you want them.

I got lots of compliments (of course they didn’t see the original) and it tasted yummy too.


  1. Too cute, I'd never seen one of these before!

  2. How adorable and creative is that!!
    That was a very neat idea for a beachy wedding
    shower. My nephew and his wife got married on the beach as well, and there invitation came
    in a box, and when you opened it up, it was
    a small bottle with sand and a message inside,
    with a cork in it of course, and a lil blue ribbon tie. It was such a neat idea I thought
    and I still have it as a decorating on my porch.
    Good going on the cake, and hope the wedding is great!!
    Blessings, Nellie

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