Monday, May 11, 2009

Faux Mudroom

Once again my house is small so I have to do without a lot of the "luxuries" that many of you have. I'm very jealous of all of you that have a mudroom! Alas, I had to make do with what I have and created a "faux mudroom"

The idea started when I bought this buckboard bench at AC Moore. I got a really good deal on it. At the time I bought it they had a 50% off 2 items coupon. The way the coupon worked was that they took 50% off the highest priced item and then 50% off the next highest priced item. They took the discount off the bench and then it was still the highest priced item so their register took the discount off the bench again, so I got a $100 bench for $25!


Then I found this coat rack at an unfinished wood store for $80 and used a 20% off coupon.


One step of this process was to finally get rid of the bead board to nowhere. I have no idea why it just stopped but it has been driving me crazy. I've tried many things to cover it up but nothing seemed to work in that space. So I started by cutting into the railing where I wanted it to stop and prying it off. Then I covered it all up with the venetian plaster that I had originally put on the walls (I don't know why I didn't think about doing this when I had worked on the walls in the first place).


Then I added beadboard and some moulding and gave everything a coat of my leftover black cabinet paint.

IMG_0533 I got the bins at Ikea this past weekend. (the camera is crooked not the shelf)




I’m looking for locker baskets for these three spots.


We’re eventually getting new countertops and they are going to extend a little longer than they do now so I left a little of the railing up to stop where the new countertop will stop which will be even with the upper cabinet.

Head over to Between Naps On The Porch for some more before/after projects.


  1. Your "mudroom" turned out wonderful. It looks so put together and neat! Love the look of the metal bins.

  2. You have a really nice mudroom.
    It came out so pretty! :)

  3. Very, very nice! Looks like the pages of Pottery Barn, a place I love so that is a compliment! I don't have a mud room either... just a back hall as you enter from the porch. You have certainly given me some ideas for improvement... great spaces for storage!

  4. Your "mudroom" turned out great! ~Rhonda :)

  5. WOW! That looks great!!

    barbara jean

  6. I have a very similar shelf (except mine is from JCP) and I've been going crazy looking for baskets to fit the openings. Thanks to your picture, I'll expand my search to include galvanized buckets--yours look great!

    ~ Sarah

  7. Hi,
    Glad to meet you ! I too have a small home and it is a challenge to get everything to fit ! Lots of great things too , like always knowing where the kids are, lol ! You will have to come
    by for a visit sometime !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  8. Awesome! That turned out fabulous. I wish I had the room for such a cool piece.

  9. Wow that looks great. Nice Storage and everything kept in its place. Great Job!

  10. wow it looks awesome! you are very creative. i don't have a mudroom either but this is great solution for an empty wall. thanks for sharing!

  11. I have a miniscule foyer and no mudroom, too. We don't even have a coat closet! I have a bench with baskets and a shelf with coat hooks, but I don't even have enough room to do your super-clever combination. The locker baskets look so smart against the black!

  12. Just beautiful! I gasped when I saw everything in black. Wow! Bet you're loving it!

    Funky Junk Donna

  13. Hello,
    love the mudroom.. I have been wanting to do a very similar one right next to my garage door, saw it in a pottery barn catalog.. looks like I'm not the only one trying to do it a little less expensively.. GREAT JOB!! ~Jen~ parisiennefarmhousechic you're invited to "follow" my blog I'm just starting out..

  14. Thanks for the yardsale tips. I wanted to come over and thank you personally, then I saw your fabulous "mudroom" makeover and am in love. It looks amazing and you got a heck of a deal on that bench and the results are incredible. Way to go!

  15. WOW! I just found your blog and I LOVE this! I have two pieces like yours from Ikea and you've totally inspired me! Thank you so much!

  16. This is fantastic!!! Do you mind if I link to this?

  17. Thanks for all the great comments! Oh my gosh Sarah I would love it to be linked from your awesome blog!

  18. wow, that looks great! I can't believe that the bench and shelf are from different stores. They're a perfect match

  19. That is amazing. It turned out so great!

  20. I love this idea!! I don't have a mudroom either and with three kids, my front room entry is always messy. Tried everything and never thought of making my own mudroom unit. Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Awesome idea! Love the finished result :)


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