Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Work In Progress

I’m wondering if I’m every going to get to a point where this house is finished and I can just sit and relax, hopefully for awhile before it’s time to move onto a different house. This past weekend we made a few small steps.

We changed out a few light fixtures. Let me tell you a couple of things about our lighting situation. Our house is old and has old wiring and until we get loads of money to change out the wiring we’re stuck with what we have. I thought that meant being stuck with the old ugly light fixtures too but I was wrong. Our living room, dining room and bathroom have wall switches so I knew those could be replaced but the rest of the rooms have pull chains and if you’ve ever wandered through the lighting section the only pull chain lights they have are the ugly ones that are already in my house. So here is the solution…I came across lampsplus.com and saw beautiful light kits for ceiling fans. They even had chandeliers for them with pull chains. The only problem was I didn’t want a ceiling fan in every room. I purchased this one and was determined to make it work without the fan because it was perfect for my 3 year olds room.


IMG_0482 After

It worked! Hubby just took off the old light but kept the box thing that was attached to the ceiling and screwed in the chandelier instead! I’m thinking about buying this one for my little ones room now.


IMG_0484 After

We also added crown moulding to the dining room.


Now I’m in the process of Layla-izing some of my kitchen cabinets.


  1. I love that pink one. It would look really great in my daughters bedroom. It is amazing how lights can make a difference.

  2. Layla-izing, a fabulous new style concept! ;) I love it.
    The light fixtures are great, what a creative solution.

  3. What a great change. I pink light fixture is too adorable for words.

  4. My daughter's room has that same pink chandelier--except ours is operated with a light switch (and not a ceiling fan either.) She's had it for three years and we all love it! One word of advice though--it can make her room REALLY warm!

    ~ Sarah